Modular Build

Pioneering dimensional control approach to allow first-time-fit and single well hook-up philosophy for major modular build project.

Replacement Closed Drain Header

Survey and detailed design for major pipework upgrade.

Lifeboat Davit Support Structures

Survey and engineering for the design installation for new life boat davits.

Design of New Inert Gas pipework & Vent Boom

Piping and structural engineering for new vent boom project.

Dimensional control and laser scan surveys

Replacement of manifolds and valves with duplex pipework for remaining life of field.

Routing of a new gas lift flowline

As-built and clash check survey.

Seawater header replacement

As-built survey of seawater header corridor, Magnus Platform.

Upgrade of turbine house, Ratcliffe Power Station, UK

Laser-scanning survey and detailed engineering for the installation of new hydraulic units.

Hook-up of riser pipework to Forties Alpha platform

Dimensional control surveys to install riser pipework between two platforms.

FEED study of existing onshore petro-chemical plant

Laser scan survey of existing plant utilised for feed study.

Production well hook-up to offshore platform

Dimensional control survey to allow first-time-fit and reduce construction schedule.

Steel and pipework removal and replacement on flare tower.

Dimensional control surveys to build and install a new upper level flare tower.

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