Through a unique combination of highly advanced technology and techniques we can provide highly accurate data to enable our customers to improve their execution strategy.

Unfortunately it is impossible to fabricate any item to its exact design dimensions, therefore it is essential to carry out a survey to determine is actual dimensions. Any existing items were installed as close to its design position as possible, however differences will exist and to determine these differences accurately will ensure success for your project. If items have to be aligned, Scopus will carry out the necessary survey to ensure that the required relation is achieved

This service has a wide variety of applications, ranging from derrick alignments on drilling rigs, surveys of fabricated pipe spool and other items to the confirmation of accurate position and deviations of tie-in points.

Through our range of different survey equipment, we will ensure that you receive exactly what you require, in the most cost-effective way.

The benefits of a Scopus As-built verification surveys:

  • Extensive experience
  • Bespoke Survey Software
  • Variety of technology to select the correct tool for the job
  • Reduces re-work
  • Gives clients assurance if items have been fabricated within tolerances

Thomas Flad,
Survey Manager

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