February 12, 2018

Design of New Inert Gas Pipework & Vent Boom

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After integrity issues were identified on the Inert Gas Header and Vent boom on their FPSO, our client asked for our support designing a replacement system whilst minimising downtime.

Scopus Solution

To allow Scopus to design a new inert gas header and new Vent boom, an as-built survey was required to identify all potential obstructions and constructability issues for the replacement Inert Gas Header. This would allow the all new pipework, supports & Structural steel to be installed clash free and with minimal disruption to adjacent systems.

As well as the replacement of the Vent Boom and Pipework, consideration was also required of:

All structural steel including walkways and ladders.

All existing pipework not deemed for removal.

All existing cable tray, unistrut, etc.

Using our state of the art dimensional control equipment linked to Scopus bespoke survey software a full corridor survey was carried out.

The output from this survey was a 3D model which allowed us to collaborate with the client to work out the installation sequence to minimise downtime and identify all constructability issues.

Once this was established Scopus carried out the detail design providing piping, pipe support and structural drawings and construction workpacks sequenced to meet our client’s installation schedule.

Schedule and Costs

Available on request.

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