February 12, 2018

Dimensional Control And Laser Scan Surveys

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A and B manifold test headers, 33 downcomers and emergency shutdown valves all had to be replaced with new pipework, within a ten-week shutdown window.

New manifolds and associated pipework were to be pre-assembled for bolt up of new-to-new and new-to-old.

Scopus Solution

We undertook an offshore dimensional control survey of all identified piping TPs, and laser-scanned the area. Survey results were delivered to the engineering house, where they were incorporated into as-built data and used to clash-check and verify the new design.

Pre-assembled units were built in a fabrication shop, with dimensional control by Scopus. Final survey data was gathered and offshore locations were established, including pre-drilled holes to match pre-assembled units.

The units and all associated pipework were successfully installed a week and a half ahead of schedule.

Schedule and Costs

Available on request.

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