Through a unique combination of highly advanced technology and techniques we can provide highly accurate data to enable our customers to improve their execution strategy.

By applying Dimensional Control, accurate 3-dimensional information can be determined and mapped at various stages throughout the fabrication process. This ensures a correct and clash free installation.

Through the continuous development of our bespoke survey software over the last 27 years and the combination of our experienced, highly skilled personnel and the use of advanced technology, Scopus is the ideal partner to provide you with accurate information for critical items on any kind of project.

Scopus can provide support on a wide range of project as listed below:



A hook-up of any module to its determined position is critical, therefore accurate information is essential

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Major upgrades

Throughout any major project such as an asset refurbishment, accurate spatial information is the foundation for a successful completion.

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As-built verification

As-built verification surveys gives you the knowledge if your fabricated item is within the specified tolerances

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TAR Support

Throughout TARs or shutdowns, time is critical and Scopus can provide the necessary Dimensional Control support to ensure all work is completed in time.

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Scopus’ experience of more than 27 years providing Dimensional Control and Laser Scanning services make us the ideal partner if you are looking for some expert advice.

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By applying Dimensional Control on critical interface points such as pipework, steelwork and other equipment, Scopus guarantee a first time fit.

The benefits of Dimensional Control Services provided by Scopus:

  • More than 27 years experience
  • Bespoke Survey Software
  • First time fit guarantee
  • Reduction of cost and schedule through prefabrication
  • Eliminates hot work and re-work

Thomas Flad,
Survey Manager

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