February 12, 2018

FEED study of existing onshore petro-chemical plant

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Major modifications to an onshore gas terminal included replacement of propane refrigerant compressors, glycol desalination plant, ESDV actuators and numerous obsolete pumps.

In addition, modification of glycol regeneration boilers and control systems. Existing drawings were outdated and unsuitable.

Scopus Solution

We undertook a laser-scan point-cloud survey of the existing plant to allow a FEED study to be carried out to establish and develop the full detail design scope, therefore providing a true cost and schedule as well as defining constructability aspects. The survey output was effectively brought to the client’s desktop with no requirement for site visits.


1. Mass capture of information reducing survey time

2. Model output allowed FEED study to be carried out from desktop – reducing the need for multiple site visits

3. Allows definition of scope as well as cost and schedule assurance

Schedule and Costs

Available on request.

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