February 12, 2018

Hook-up of riser pipework to Forties Alpha platform

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The operator planned a sequence of work to install riser pipework between Forties Echo and Forties Alpha platforms.

A field shutdown was required for final hook-up, with duration kept to an absolute minimum to avoid disruption of production.

Scopus Solution

Scopus undertook an offshore dimensional survey of the fixed piping tie-in points and the proposed route of the pipework. However, as there was no access to the lower fixed tie-in pointScopus utilised our specially developed contactless survey techniques to eliminate additional access requirements

The results were processed, analysed and transferred to fabrication drawings. Dimensional control on the build of the new pipeworkwas carried out before and after weld stages in the fabrication shop to ensure that tolerances were maintained throughout which enabled first time fit offshore during the time critical shutdown period.


•Innovative thinking to provide solution
•Bespoke survey software
•Involvement and checking at each stage to ensure first time fit during time critical shutdown period

Schedule and Costs

Available on request.

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