A hook-up of any module to its determined position is critical, therefore accurate information is essential.

Hook-ups are always busy and exciting times, we at Scopus know this as we have been involved in our history in more than 20 major hook-ups globally. We provide support throughout the whole project, from the control of critical items in the fabrication process, an analysis of annulus on stab-in guides to surveys of the final hook-up spool dimensions.

If Scopus are already involved at an early stage we can review your built strategy and suggest different approaches, which could lead to huge time and cost savings.

Particularly the interfaces between various modules such as the interface between a jacket and topsides are critical and problems throughout the installation would be catastrophic. We can give you the assurance that the installation will go as expected by carrying out a range of surveys prior to the installation.

Scopus have successfully assisted our clients in hook-ups in which all closing spools were predetermined which significantly reduced the project schedule and cost.

The benefits of a Scopus supported Hook-up are:

  • Extensive history of working on major hook-ups
  • More than 27 years experience
  • Global team that can be deployed anywhere in the world
  • No re-work required
  • Cost and time savings
  • No unwanted surprises

Thomas Flad,
Survey Manager

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