As-built records of assets are often out of date or non-existent, laser scanning provides as-built data quickly, bringing the asset to your desktop.

State of the art laser scanners capture more than 1 million points per second and capture everything in their field of vision, 360° horizontally and vertically. Scopus own a variety of different high-spec laser scanners which can produce the laser scan data that is required for your project.

Laser scanning produces point clouds and bubble views which bring the scanned area to your desktop without the need for any site visits anymore. The data can easily be linked to a variety of design packages which allows for efficient design work in a fully 3-dimensional environment.

A user friendly, browser based solution can be produced which allows the user to view the scan without any specialist software or CAD knowledge.

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The laser scan data can be used for clash checking, giving you the assurance that your design will fit into the proposed area.

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Point clouds can be converted into 3D models, either intelligent or non-intelligent in a variety of output formats.

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Depending on the required accuracy and environment, Scopus have a range of laser scanners, from high spec terrestrial scanner to handheld scanners.

The benefits of using a Scopus laser scan are:

  • Save time and cost in the design phase by having as-built data
  • Eliminates the need for site visits
  • Multiple users and disciplines can design and review in parallel, as well as in multiple locations
  • Increased management and control of cost, risk and change
  • Allows clash checking which eliminates any re-work and clashes and allows cost accelerations throughout the project
  • Efficient maintenance and integrity activities through planning using as-built data

Thomas Flad,
Survey Manager

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