Measured Building Surveys allow production and verification of floor and building plans from an accurate representation of an existing building or structure.

It is important for any refurbishment, upgrade or redevelopment of an existing building to work with as-built data (actual representation of what has been built) rather than design information. It can be very costly to manage or modify any part of a building if no as-built data is available. If discrepancies between design and as-built are only discovered when modifications have started, the resulting design revisions and delays can be costly and impact the project schedule.

Scopus can provide measured building plans showing the internal layout of the existing floor plan with features such as existing columns, internal walls, windows, doors etc. A measured building survey can also be prepared to determine or confirm the internal area of a building, a floor or space to determine its size and therefore its value. These plans can be prepared using a variety of different techniques and equipment to suit the accuracy and level of detail requirements of your next project.

To provide detailed façade and elevation information we can combine our latest survey techniques and technology for a wide range of projects such as architectural design, heritage work or for building management purposes.

From a Measured Building Survey floorplans, cross sections, elevations, roof and ceiling plans and area calculations can be derived.

The benefits of a Scopus Measured Building Survey are:

  • Accurate as-built data
  • Cost and time savings as no unwanted surprised throughout project
  • Bespoke solution for clients’ needs

Thomas Flad,
Survey Manager

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