Continuous monitoring of structures and building is required to immediately detect movement

Monitoring surveys are a precise method of surveying in which structures or features which are thought to be moving or have the possibility of moving are repeatedly checked to determine the amount of movement or deflection. The amount of movement, if any, can be quantified and reported.

The movement can be due to adjacent site ground works, such as excavations or drilling works, or due to natural ground movement and settlement over a long period of time. Monitoring of deflection or deformation of structures due to load is another common application of this surveying technique, where the movement of a structure under load is observed, such as a bridge or supporting beam for example.

In addition, regular checks for verticality for items such as electricity pylons is essential to put measures in place that will prevent further movement if required.

By identifying movement and applying corrective measures, accidents can be avoided and maintenance costs reduced through implementation of remedial actions at an early stage.

We can support you with regular monitoring at pre-determined intervals or assist you with setting up an automated system which will carry out monitoring 24/7.

The benefits of Monitoring Surveys provided by Scopus are:

  • Provision of accurate and reliable data gives our clients ease of mind
  • Early indications of movement will allow for immediate remedial work
  • Preventing accidents through ongoing monitoring
  • Flexible solutions to suit our clients’ needs

Thomas Flad,
Survey Manager

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