Project Overview

New mooring block on poop deck to be installed. In addition, mooring blocks to be located above vessel frame steelwork. Also taking into account that various items on deck were clashing with new mooring blocks and had to be identified.


  • Laser scan of poop deck of FPSO
  • Dimensional survey of mooring blocks onshore
  • Mooring blocks were fabricated with overlengths, Scopus were to overlay these onto laser scan to determine cut dimensions
  • Verify cuts on mooring blocks
  • 16” pipework had to be relocated
  • Dimensional Survey of newly fabricated 16” pipework

Benefits delivered by Scopus:

  • No surprises as all clash items were identified prior to installation
  • No corrective work required offshore as mooring blocks fitted first time onto deck
  • First-time-fit of re-routed 16” pipework