After integrity issues were identified on the Inert Gas Header and Vent boom on their FPSO, our client asked for our support designing a replacement system whilst minimising downtime.

A and B manifold test headers, 33 downcomers and emergency shutdown valves all had to be replaced with new pipework, within a ten-week shutdown window.

Client requested Scopus carry out a survey and detail design to support the installation of a new gas lift flowline. Activities requested were survey, design, engineering and stress analysis.

Scopus was contracted to design replacements for West & East 32” NB seawater headers. To achieve this, clash-free and with minimal disruption, an as-built survey was carried out to establish the position of all potential obstructions.

Major modifications were planned to install new hydraulic units feeding new actuators to improve efficiency and minimise downtime, with design work scheduled for Scopus in Aberdeen.

The operator planned a sequence of work to install riser pipework between Forties Echo and Forties Alpha platforms.

Major modifications to an onshore gas terminal included replacement of propane refrigerant compressors, glycol desalination plant, ESDV actuators and numerous obsolete pumps.

Scopus was asked for a dimensional control solution to allow the client to build and install a new upper level flare tower, with associated pipework.