submarine scopus engineering

Submarine Build

New build of submarines with a review of build strategy by Scopus Lead Surveyor, and Dimensional Control Surveys throughout build.

Mooring Block Installation Scopus Engineering

Mooring Block Installation

New mooring block on poop deck to be installed. In addition, mooring blocks to be located above vessel frame steelwork. 


Tank Laser Scan

2x large storage tanks were to be blasted and painted whilst still in service. Engineering company was tasked to provide “tent” over existing dome to carry out work.


ESD Upgrade Project

Large upgrade project across 7 assets. No as-built data existed therefore laser scan carried out to capture as-built data of whole platform.


Lifeboat Davit Replacement

Installation of 2 free-fall lifeboats and Scopus involvement in port and starboard davit replacement at all key stages.


Modular Build & Hook Up

Major modification and extension of processing facilities to allow for plant to provide a more environmentally friendly and efficient refrigerant.


Refinery Upgrade

Refinery upgrade requiring a new vacuum distillation unit to be designed and constructed as part of an ongoing upgrade program.


Platform Refurbishment

Major modification and refurbishment of foating production facility. Installation of various PARs, PAUs, cranes and cantilever platforms.

Gas lift flowline routing scopus engineering

Gas Lift Flowline Routing

Dimensional Survey to confirm as-built of area for new gas lift flowline. 3D as-built model was created which Scopus Engineering team utilised to design new Gas Lift Flowline, including supports


Site Survey & Hook-Up

Our surveying services for the major extension to an existing gas plant, lasting for a period of more than 3 years, with remotely fabricated PARs & PAUs.

Derrick Alignment

Alignment surveys undertaken on dolly rails, crown block and rotary table and surveys carried out throughout reassembly to allow for close tolerance alignment.

Vessel Installation Scopus Engineering

Vessel Installation

New vessel to be installed, hooked up and brought online requiring a 17 day shutdown. 3D model created with exact as-built dimensions and landing position for vessel set out. Dimensions for new pipework determined.