Effective management of procurement and fabrication related activities is intrinsic to how we deliver repair orders and brownfield modifications.  Procured items will vary depending on the specific scope. Scopus does not have cumbersome procurement process and we ensure scope specific flexibility in our procurement and fabrication approach.

Procurement activities for repair orders are predominantly centred on fabrication scopes and piping items such as fittings, valves and ancillary supports. Therefore, at Scopus, procurement for repair orders is typically handled by the engineering team, taking accountability and working with suppliers espanolcial.com.

Delivering more complex modifications often involves a broader range of procurement activities, for these jobs Scopus utilises flexible procurement resources, and leverages framework agreements, to ensure competitive pricing of all items.

Working closely with our fabrication partners is key. We have established preferred supplier relationships with selected fabrication providers with who we have a proven track record of successful delivery

Steve King, Technical Delivery Manager

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