Project Overview

Refinery upgrade requiring a new vacuum distillation unit to be designed and constructed as part of an ongoing upgrade program. More than 50 lines from various tie in points situated throughout the plant had to be designed, approximately 7500m of pipe to be routed on existing pipe racks which covers an area of 200,000sq. m.


  • Scopus were contracted to undertake laser scanning on site to enable the design to take place.
  • A site recce was carried out with Piping Designers & Engineers to identify the proposed routing and scan requirements
  • All the pipe routes outside of the battery limits were laser scanned to allow the generation of point cloud data for import into 3D CAD software

Benefits delivered by Scopus:

  • Site clearly identified scope of work and reduced duration and costs as only what was required was captured
  • Rapid capture of as-built data against the backdrop of a tight timescale
  • Acceleration of schedule by allowing the EPC designers to route the pipework through the 3D CAD model
  • Asset brought to the design teams desktops, no requirements for further site visits.
  • New routings were identified using the point cloud that were not previously thought viable, reducing the required amount of supporting structures