February 12, 2018

Replacement Closed Drain Header

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Integrity issues required the replacement of the Closed Drain Header on the main deck of an FPSO. Circa 100m of 8” fully welded pipework required to be replaced in an extremely congested area.

Work was required to be carried out during the annual TAR. The initial estimated construction requirements scheduled the scope to take longer than the TAR duration.

Scopus Solution

Scopus carried out a full dimensional control corridor survey initially to establish space limitations. This also allowed us to identify spool breaks. Scopus then devised a strategy to minimise the TAR scope including parallel installation of sections of the header, effectively splitting the scope into 3 phases for pre-TAR, TAR and post TAR scopes. This phased approach allowed us to manage ‘just in time delivery’ of fabrication and manage the TAR schedule.


•Phased approach ensured TAR schedule maintained
•Just in time delivery ensured that valuable deck space not tied-up
•First time fit for spools = increased uptime, no rework costs

Schedule and Costs

Available on request.

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