Route, long and cross sections provide detailed geospatial information along a specific path such as road or railway corridor, path of utilities or even a river or waterway

Like a topographic survey, a route survey maps the contours and features within an area of interest, which is generally long and thin, often centred along an existing or proposed centreline with the survey focused on a strip either side of that centreline. Sections can be produced from the resulting data to profile the rise and fall of the terrain along the route (long section) and cross sections can be extracted to show the change in grades and cross falls perpendicular to the centreline at regular intervals along the proposed route.

The survey results of a route, long and cross section survey can be used for the suitability assessment of existing routes or for detailed design and subsequent construction of new utilities or infrastructure within that route, or in the case of a river for flow or flood modelling.

The benefits of route, long and cross section surveys provided by Scopus are:

  • Accurate information delivered for your project
  • Fit-for purpose solution provided through our range of different technology

Thomas Flad,
Survey Manager

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