February 12, 2018

Routing Of A New Gas Lift Flowline

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Client requested Scopus carry out a survey and detail design to support the installation of a new gas lift flowline. Activities requested were survey, design, engineering and stress analysis.

Scopus Solution

An as-built survey was carried out to allow the design and clash-free installation of the new gas lift flowline, avoiding all potential obstructions and deck penetrations using state-of-the-art Total Station and Scopus bespoke survey software.

A 3D model was produced in AutoCAD for client review. From this as-built model, we routed the new flowline pipework, carried out the stress analysis and produced the detail design drawings and data sheets.


1. Integrated survey and engineering service, reduced interfaces

2. Reduced survey time utilising non-contact survey equipment – reducing requirement for scaffolding or rope access personnel

3. Delivered in a cost efficient and timely manner

4. Fixed price providing cost assurance to the client

Schedule and Costs

Available on request.

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