February 12, 2018

Seawater Header Replacement

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Scopus was contracted to design replacements for West & East 32” NB seawater headers. To achieve this, clash-free and with minimal disruption, an as-built survey was carried out to establish the position of all potential obstructions.

Client requirements included a 3d AutoCAD model plus isometrics, together with fabricated pipe spools organised by Scopus.

Scopus Solution

Using a state-of-the-art Total Station and Scopus bespoke survey software, we surveyed all remaining items for global positioning within the platform co-ordinate system. These included all structural steel including walkways and ladders, pipework not deemed for removal, and all cable tray, unit-strut and similar material.

A 3D model was produced in AutoCAD for client review. From this as-built model, we produced the detail design of new seawater header pipework and supports.

Schedule and Costs

Available on request.

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