Project Overview

Major extension to existing gas plant lasting more than 3 years. Remotely fabricated PARs & PAUs. PARs for hydrocarbon pipework connections to the existing plant to be erected on site.


Variety of survey services provided over 3 years:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Establish control network on site
  • Setting out of concrete plinths and bolts
  • Underground Utility Surveys
  • Volume calculations
  • Verticality checks
  • As-built surveys
  • Setting out of stops for module installation
  • Assisting with landing of PARs/PAUs
  • Survey for hook-up spools

Benefits delivered by Scopus:

  • All survey work completed by Scopus working alongside various contractors on site
  • Ability to
  • All PAR/PAU arrived 100% fitted out on site
  • First-time-fit of PARs/PAUs on site
  • Hook-up spools could be partially prefabricated
  • Fast hook-up of structures and pipework