February 12, 2018

Steel and Pipework Removal and Replacement on Flare

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Scopus was asked for a dimensional control solution to allow the client to build and install a new upper level flare tower, with associated pipework.

No as-built drawings were available and access was restricted during operation, with the construction itself scheduled for a 14 day shutdown window.

Scopus Solution

Working initially at Scopus facilities in Aberdeen, we developed and tested a new method of dimensional control survey which would provide accurate results offshore, working from a distance of 70 metres and providing full detail on the co-ordinate relationship of structural members and pipework in the flare tower upper frame.

Scopus then produced as-built drawings and dimensional control verification surveys of new steel and pipework, which included 750mm ‘cut lines’ on the existing frame, together with six replacement flanged pipe spools. At the beginning of the shutdown window, Scopus surveyed in-situ, confirming that all dimensional relationship data was accurate as reported. The project was completed successfully on time, first time.

Schedule and Costs

Available on request.

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