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Scopus are a market leader in specialist survey solutions providing services across multiple industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, defense, environment and infrastructure, transport and distribution and the construction industry.

Specialising in the oil and gas industry with 26 years’ experience and an award-winning approach providing Dimensional Control and 3D Laser Scanning services ranging from small brownfield repair orders to large scale mega projects such as Greenfield Modular Build projects. Our specialist survey solutions are delivered using our ‘first time fit’ philosophy, optimising design whilst reducing cost and project build schedules.

Scopus has in-house proprietary software designed specifically for Dimensional Control activities bringing efficiencies to the process of data collection. Using ‘contactless’ survey techniques, the requirement for scaffolding has been significantly reduced when undertaking surveys.  Our experienced survey professionals have a track record of delivering on global projects of all scales and constantly strive to bring innovative techniques and technology to our clients. 

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