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Modular Build

Scopus specialise in delivering modular build hook-ups worldwide through the implementation of our Dimensional Control Survey practices and state of the art techniques. This has allowed Operators and Engineering companies to challenge outdated build strategies and develop new modern thinking, “first time fit” philosophies. maximising offsite activities and minimise traditional Installation/“Hook Up” work, therefore saving in schedule and cost Scopus have an extensive history of delivering this service on both Minor and Major projects around the world.

As part of the company’s continual development and provision of “best practice” Survey solutions we have pioneered the SWHU (Single Weld Hook Up) strategy as part of our Dimensional Control Survey offering. Implementation of this strategy into the build and installation of new Onshore Plants removes the traditional requirements for welded “infill spools” between PAR’s (pre-assembled racks) & PAUs (pre assembled units). The bulk of the construction works can be undertaken offsite at pre-determined fabrication yards with the onsite works reduced to a an absolute minimum.

Scopus are currently undertaking Modular build / dimensional control support on a major modular project in Abu Dhabi, This includes 172 PARs / PAUs being installed during the project and utilising the Scopus Single Weld philosophy.

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