Topographic surveys are essential for planning, design and construction in engineering and civil applications

A topographic survey is completed to prepare a map or a plan showing the natural features and man-made structures on a site. This type of survey is often also referred to as a land survey or a detail and contour survey.

The final deliverable can be presented in a variety of formats from 2D plans and CAD files to 3D data with a digital terrain model (DTM) or even data-rich photo realistic point clouds.

These surveys have a wide range of uses and applications for our clients including forming the basis of architectural, landscaping and engineering design and construction projects, 3D modelling, asset location and documentation purposes (for example in forestry), land development and planning, flood modelling, civil applications such as reporting on cut and fill volumes and many more.

Using the latest equipment such as robotic total stations, network GNSS, laser scanners and UAV systems, Scopus can prepare a fit for purpose topographic plan to suit your requirements.

The benefits of a Scopus provided Topographic Survey are:

  • Accurate base information for any planning project
  • Allows for accurate calculations of stockpiling and volumes for civil works
  • Fit-for purpose solution provided through our range of different technology

Thomas Flad,
Survey Manager

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